Kozzie needing Kiwi batter recipe

kozzies, Mar 30, 10:36am
hi there people we are currently residing in Oz for a short while and have discovered fish and chips here are simply flamming awful.So we decided to make our own - now does anyone have a batter recipe that isn't crispy (we don't like crisp) and isn't all puffy.We like a light coating of soft batter just like some fish n chip shops also hotdogs - did some the other night with savs but they just didn't taste right any suggestions there.Only good thing is we can buy NZ fish quite cheap here although it has been frozen but it certainly taste good for our fish n chips :)

marcs, Mar 30, 10:40am
Agree with you kozzies, fish and chips are awful in Auz. We live in Perth and the only place we will eat them is in Freemantle but then it does cost an arm and a leg.

kozzies, Mar 30, 10:43am
yea now isn't that weird first time we thought we'd have FnC it was like $6 for a piece of fish (it was quite big) so thought it'd be good for that price mmmmmm nope no taste!

cgvl, Mar 30, 11:04am
batter for fish the one I use is: 1 cup flour, 1 -2 eggs depends on size, 1tsp baking powder, salt and pepper to taste and water to give right consistency.
can use self raising flour instead.
I roll fish in plain flour first then into batter and do same with hot dogs, gives the batter something to stick to.
Alternative which I prefer is to season some plain flour and roll fish into it and panfry. gives a nice coating to the fish.

kozzies, Mar 30, 9:48pm
anymore recipes out there

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