Carnation coconut evaporated milk help

jsnwells, Feb 27, 8:47am
My Sister was over from OZ and told me she makes this frozen healthy treat, carnation light and creamy coconut evaporated milk, with frozen berries, you beat the evaporated milk add the beries and freeze and it is sort of like ice cream.
I cannot contact my sister and want to know how you do it! how long do you beat it!

korbo, Feb 27, 8:54am
Hello, did sis, mention if there was a jelly or sugar in it.

jsnwells, Feb 27, 8:58am
Hi Korbo, no way would it have sugar or jelly in it. Or anything with calories in it!
Google is not being my friend tonight!

korbo, Feb 27, 9:00am
guess, you may need to chill the milk first, and then beat andbeat it till it goes thick, fold in the berries, freeze and then maybe before it it quite frozen, rebeat again.
My mum used to make icecream like that, but I cannot find the recipe, I know she used the evaporated milk.
good luck.

jsnwells, Feb 27, 9:02am
That sounds something like she said! Will wait and see if anybody comes up with any other answers :>) Thanks Korbo

winnie231, Feb 27, 9:02am
I don't know your sister's recipe but I guess if you chill the can for a day (atleast with reg carnation this works) & then beat it with an electric beater it becomes thick & creamy (<> 20 mins I'd say) - add the berries, freeze & you've got a yummy dessert.

jessie981, Feb 27, 9:02am
Could be trial & error. Test a small amount first.

jsnwells, Feb 27, 6:34pm
Shall be waiting for the foodies to check in lol

jsnwells, Feb 29, 4:18am

whitehead., Feb 29, 6:47am
we used to whip the chilledmilk add a cool jelly and whip again you can also add fruit . ive never frozen this just let it set in the fridge best leave the milk in the fridge over night

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