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bedazzledjewels, Feb 21, 10:59pm
So it all kicked off again last night. A few extreme personalities to up the perceived entertainment value.
But there seemed to be glimpses of talent there.

duckmoon, Feb 21, 11:01pm
I loved the steak and chips dish

bedazzledjewels, Feb 21, 11:02pm
And I enjoyed the butcher who wants to open a restaurant serving properly aged beef.

nfh1, Feb 21, 11:11pm
Worth watching then!I recorded it so easy to wizz through in quick time!No ads.

jezabell, Feb 21, 11:19pm
What about the lady who served up just roasty potatoes and veges with packet gravy. She then went on to say she had to wear a mask cooking fish or chicken or she would heave.pmsl.
How could she possibly think she would be accepted on to any cooking course or program let alone master chef!

esther-anne, Feb 21, 11:19pm
Damn I forgot to record it.My old darling's 80th birthday and we were out having a lovely Thai meal.

I luuuuurve MC and I won't be missing another single episode.

holly-rocks, Feb 21, 11:32pm
You can watch it on TV on demand here ~

245sam, Feb 21, 11:34pm
esther-anne, I hope your "old darling" had a very Happy 80th Birthday.Don't despair because you missed seeing Masterchef last night - if you really want to watch it you can at:- and recipes from last night's show can be found at:-

nfh1, Feb 21, 11:54pm
Right I am definitely going to watch it now!

taurus2005, Feb 22, 12:04am
Calling one of the judges a bus driver is sure to get youa head start.thru the exit.

esther-anne, Feb 22, 12:07am
Thanks holly (you DO rock lol) and 245sam-I had totally forgotten TV On Demand duh!Will catch up before next week.

What jezabell describes hilariously could signal a lot of humour to come.

elliehen, Feb 22, 12:37am
Because it's more about entertainment Reality TV than cooking, she was obviously allowed to get to the screen to give the viewers someone and something to scoff at.

We are all so manipulated by the media, sometimes it's hard to spot it happening.

jezabell, Feb 22, 2:41am
yes! This is what hubby wondered, "how on earth was she even allowed to get that far"
I said it is entertaining to scoff and laugh at others so they let the odd strange person through for us all to point at.
Probably not very nice to do that but surely that lady would know that saying what she did was totally rediculous.

elliehen, Feb 22, 3:06am
Sadly, no.

You just have to catch a glimpse of a 'hopeful' singing on the Music Idol programmes to see how out of touch with reality some people are.

shop-a-holic, Feb 22, 3:11am
I'm curious to know how some people can sing with a drawing pin in their tongue.

books4nz, Feb 22, 3:59am
Oh But! - don't forget she added spring onions. !

marie196, Feb 22, 4:12am
The lady with the glass eye thingy - gross, and the the judge who said - "a good vet could bring that back to life"talking about the undercooked meat haha

nfh1, Feb 22, 4:14am
Trying not to think about that!

shop-a-holic, Feb 22, 4:27am
Ahhh, now I remember Apron-Winning-Contestant Number One. Quite a dish, and his dream restaurant name "Off The Hook".
Two Thumbs Up :-)

uli, Feb 22, 7:37am
Welcome back to the fold bedazz!
And no - I still haven't got tv but will watch it at some time via computer .

ant_sonja, Feb 22, 7:43am
I watched it, probably the first thing I have watched on TV in near on 10 months but for some reason I love this silly show lol Some good cooking I thought, loved the passionfruit stuffed pear thing that young girl made :-D

books4nz, Feb 22, 10:10am
+1 for the passionfruit pear. good match for seasonal produce too.

bedazzledjewels, Feb 22, 9:08pm
Uli - I told you in a thread last week that I have little time to spend on these boards this year. That's all.

purplegoanna, Feb 22, 9:41pm
I loved the lil pear pud, its something i shall be doing this winter.

elliehen, Feb 22, 10:00pm
I, for one, will miss your sense of humour and your mediating influence among intolerant extremes of opinion.

I had noticed you were being 'prodded' whenever you posted and wondered why.

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