Recipe for sticky chicken with apricot jam?

tonsta2, Feb 8, 1:46am
I have made this before and loved it, bought drumsticks and apricot jam in the shopping today - but now i cant find the recipe. I think it was a sophie gray one, but cant see it in my books.HELP please!.i need to get it marinating.

teddy147, Feb 8, 3:15am
i make something silmar, i marinate chicken in either apricot sauce or jam, sometimes i bake it just like that or i roll it in bread crumbs which is yummy.

xtownie, Feb 8, 4:34am
I just make mine up as I go, but basically its Apricot Jam, sherry, brown sugar and a little worcestor sauce, paste over them, bake and turn and keep basting during cooking.

toadfish, Feb 8, 4:35am
Just bumped up a thread, crockpot drumsticks. thats a sophie gray recipe with Apricot Jam

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