Chicken Mince Recipes

peneve, Apr 4, 1:46am
I bought a big packet of chicken mince, but I really don't have any ideas what to do with it. Would love some please!

hoblets, Apr 4, 1:57am
Hamburgers, chicken mince bolagnaise, make small patties with fish sauce, onion, and coriander and have thai chicken cakes, coat in bread crumbs and gently pan fry.

jmonster, Apr 4, 3:32am
I make thai chicken meatballs-
combine chicken mince, coriander, garlic, ginger, onion, finely chopped mushrooms, grated carrot, fish sauce, chilli, lime juice or even green curry paste if I have it, roll into small balls and balls and bake in the oven for about 20 mins. I serve over noodles with some bok choy or spinach in a simple chicken broth- just chicken stock with more of the same thai flavours added. Good with pork mince too.

Make a meatloaf, but use chicken instead of beef mince.

mallee, Apr 4, 4:46am
Thai Larb, it's absolutely divine. Just google chicken larb. If you make it, PLEASE do so with 1 tbsp dry fried golden rice, then pop it in the blender. Larb is just not the same without the nuttiness of the rice. Good luck :-) :-)

sherralynne, Apr 4, 7:21am
We had a Chicken Lasagne a couple of nights ago, the recipe is here php/pi_pageid/10/pi_recipeid/73

Lovely dish, we really enjoyed it.

a_n_h, Apr 4, 8:26am
the food in a minute site has a yummy recipe for apricot chicken meat balls

auntlb, Apr 4, 8:30am
I use the chicken mince in anything that others use beef mince in - meatloaf, meatballs, mince based sauce for pasta, lasagne etc.

peneve, Apr 4, 7:59pm
Thats great! Thanks everyone.

pickles7, Jan 2, 12:53pm
bin it... .

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