mustard sauce recipe please

carmy2, Apr 3, 10:15pm
anyone have one please? ?

nanasee1, Apr 3, 10:19pm
1 egg, 1/4c sugar, 1Tbsp flour, 1 tsp mustard powder, 1 cup of liquor from the corned beef (or water) 1/4 cup vinegar. Beat egg & sugar, add flour, mustard, pepper & salt then sit in the liquids. Cook until mixture thickens. Can be done in the microwave in short bursts stirring regularly

carmy2, Apr 3, 10:37pm
thank you very much nanasee1... Happy Easter.

nanasee1, Apr 3, 10:41pm
Sorry carmy it was meant to say stir in the liquids - don't thinking sitting in them would help the sauce!

jimminette, Apr 3, 11:42pm
In the Edmonds book there is a recipe for Corned beef with piquant sauce - from memory, that is like a mustard sauce of sorts and really nice

rubyjane11, Dec 30, 8:10am
mustard sauce recipe is in edmonds cookbook