Apricot Jam?

grouch, Jan 23, 1:43am
How come is it that apricot jam is never tasty and even the homemade isnt. I find it looses its flavour and is just a jam and really could be any flavour that you are eating.

weluvcanterbury, Jan 23, 1:52am
do you use Otago apricots! my mum's apricot jam always has lots of flavour and tangy too!

elliehen, Jan 23, 2:27am
Maybe it's because of your username ;)Couldn't resist.

makespacenow, Jan 23, 2:30am
Depends on quality of apricots, if you are using kernels to deepen the flavour, amount of sugar you use, how long you cook it etc etc.never had problems with taste of mine in fact i often catch kids eating it straight from the jar.

mattdylan, Jan 23, 2:42am
Ug the Pams one is horrible, really tasteless so yes I agree, or maybe I need to buy a better brand!

makespacenow, Jan 23, 2:47am
if you can't make your own try the barker's one they even have a sugarless vaiety.called fruit spread as nz law does not allow it to be called jam if less than 40% sugar.pams is horrible because it has way too much sugar added water.so if the barkers is too much for you look for high fruit content on yhe ingredients list but really making your own is the way to go and it is easy

indy95, Jan 23, 3:08am
I have to agree with makespacenow that the quality and flavour of apricot jam depends on the quality of the apricots used. If you use fruit from Otago you should find that your jam has plenty of flavour. If the season hasn't been a good one I sometimes use dried fruit instead.

lurtz, Jan 23, 3:49am
Agree. Otago apricots, and I always cut back on the recommended amount of sugar. The jam keeps well, and is deliciously all about the flavour of theapricots. It's mid summer in a jar. My late mother, who was a wonderful cook, preferred using the Central Otago dried apricots for the jam. I like both fresh and dried, but definitely Otago apricots.

jude343, Jan 23, 9:27am
we have just finished craigs apricot spread, lower sugar, it was yum had a nice bite to it.

cookessentials, Jan 23, 7:08pm
Depends on how you make it. The thread "tangy apricot jam" gives you the recipe that I have used for a number of years now and you just cant beat it for it's flavour.

pickles7, Jan 23, 8:23pm
Almond essence, enhances apricot jam.

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