Please! a tasty way to cook lambs fry.

ange164, Dec 28, 8:09am
I don't have any bacon; so other than the classic onion bacon and gravy - how do I cook lambs liver!I don't really like it, but it's very nutritious so I'd like to give it a go.

cgvl, Dec 28, 8:26am
ok I do it like this: Fry bacon (if you have) and onions and garlic together, put all this mix reserving any fat from bacon into a casserole dish. Now lightly coat the lambs fry with seasoned flour and fry quickly a few seconds each side, in the reserved fat or use butter/oil. Put into the casserole dish. Make a gravy using a pkt of mushroom soup mix and pour over the lambs fry etc. I add extra mushrooms. Put all into the oven at about 180C while you cook either potatoes and vegies or rice to accompany. Don't leave in oven for longer than 20mins otherwise can go a bit tough.
Some people like it fried with bacon and eggs for breakfast but the above is the only way I can stomach it.

ange164, Dec 28, 8:33am
thank you very much. I have no mushroom soup mix, so I may put it in the freezer until i go to groceries. Do I need to slice it any special way! or cube it or anything!

bill241, Dec 28, 8:57am
We cook the hell out of it at work (rest home), not sure why as it isn't my station. It goes incredibly rubbery and kind of hard too. It has put me off it but hearing cgvl's take on it I'd give that a go.

cgvl, Dec 28, 9:01am
I slice it thinly, and try to do it across the grain. also there is a membrane/skin that is better taken off if you can. Doesn't change taste or anything if left on but I prefer to remove.

harrislucinda, Dec 28, 9:11am
bestifyou get baconIdominefryonionandbaconthenslicefrythinflourandaddtobaconseasonthenaddwatersimmer30minsby thistimewaterwill havereducedto agravyyummmjustplainwithno extra,s

ace441, Dec 28, 10:10am
Tasty and Lambs Fry in the same sentence is an oxymoron !

zsazsa777, Dec 28, 10:13am
Poach in orange juice. Very nice and moist.

petal1955, Dec 28, 5:22pm
cut the lambs fry in stips (like stroganoff) and coat in flour pepper and salt a little dry mustard powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper and stir fry in hot oil for 30 secs (NO MORE otherwise goes tough and rubbery) keep warm in oven while frying bacon (if you wish) make up a packet of gravy and add to fry pan and then add the warmed lambs fry and bacon,Serve with caramalised onions (done in brown sugar and balsamic vinegar) and serve with mashed potatoes that have garlic butter and sour cream and thyme added.Delish !

ange164, Dec 28, 6:17pm
Thank you all. I shall get a little bacon today as I have to go out to the shops anyway.

clair4, Dec 28, 8:17pm
Slice, dip in milk, then flour salt and pepperand fry.the milk does work and stops it going hard.I put the flour salt and pepper into a plastic bag and then add the fry after dipping milk and shake the bag to make sure it getsw a good covering.After cooking make a nice gravy as there is enough flour to make a nice thick gravy.

pickles7, Dec 28, 8:20pm
Liver and bacon

fry onion until lightly caramelized
flour, and fry slices of Liver
fry chopped bacon
Add a can of tomatoes with the juice
season with salt and pepper, thicken with corn flour if need be.
no quantities given , I just cook it, because we just love it.


pickles7 (510 )5:40 pm, Sat 5 Mar #110

speedy_11, Dec 28, 9:49pm
Love lambs fry.

Slice thinly removing the membrane, coat in flour and fry quickly in pan ( do NOT overcook or it turns to rubber). Remove and place in casserole dish. Using the same pan, fry onions and mushrooms, and add to dish, then fry bacon and add.

I then make a rich gravy using the remnant in the pan, adding beef or bacon stock, red wine, water and cornflour.

Add gravy to casserole dish, and cook for about 30-60 mins in a slow oven.

punkinthefirst, Dec 29, 3:39am
+1 for a meal
Fresh lambs fry, cooked as above til just pink, and serve with bacon and tomatoes for breakfast.YUMMM. No gravy needed.

lindylambchops1, Dec 29, 3:41am
Lambs fry is delicious with fresh garden sage!

beaker59, Dec 29, 4:02am
Lambs fry needs to be a tad pink in the middle to be nice and juicy moist. I fry mine in butter then remove and set aside while I sweat off a finely chopped onion then deglaze with red wine and thicken with roux add garlic and fresh sage and rosemary then put the liver back in the pan season well then serve. Sometimes I will add mushrooms and/or chilli.

davidt4, Dec 29, 4:51am
Lebanese-style grilled liver is delicious.Make a paste of 3 cloves garlic, 2 tsp dried mint, 1 tsp salt, 2 tab olive oil.Spread over 600g lamb's liver sliced 1 cm.Leave to marinate 1 - 12 hours.Grill or fry over high heat until browned and pink inside.Serve with wedges of lemon and a tomato and red onion salad.