Food ideas appreciated.

alebix, Mar 29, 10:01pm
Hi all,

We are going away for easter weekend. We are staying in a cabin with a sink and I think pots etc but we will take our own etc...

My problem is that even though im a seasoned camper (tents). My mind has gone blank on what to have for lunches and dinners for 4 nights...

I appreciate any suggestions...

red2, Mar 29, 11:59pm
guessing you have a fridge or similar ? Maybe some packaged cooked meats and salads and bread rolls for lunch . Dinner - one pot wonders such as mince and macaroni etc to make it easy on you - you are on holiday after all ! ! A cooked ham can be really handy too for breakfasts , lunches and dinners

alebix, Mar 30, 3:47am
No fridge... . .

Just pots and pans and cutlery...

cottagerose, Mar 30, 6:50am
rice rissotto is good and I always take my small toasted sandwich maker and use in the kitchen.
Write camping on the left and pu in anytime and theres some good ideas there too,
Have a nice holiday

snapit, Dec 18, 11:00am
eggs and cheese have many uses.