Simple but fantastic food ideas for the BBQ?

lissy73, Dec 4, 7:35am
Any ideas greatly appreciated :)

uli, Dec 4, 7:40am

nfh1, Dec 4, 7:57am
Haloumi cheese.

lissy73, Dec 4, 8:03am
Thanks :)
I have left it till the last minute... BBQ is tomorrow, I am preggy and don't find food at all appealing at the moment so my mind is a blank as to what to take

nfh1, Dec 4, 8:33am
Greek salad - easy and always looks pretty.

goldgurl_design, Dec 4, 8:46am
grilled vege - Mmmm.

gardie, Dec 4, 6:07pm
Slice a fresh pineapple - sprinkle over some brown sugar & Cinnamon and grill both sides.Best to use a BBQ liner if you have it.

fee7691, Dec 4, 6:45pm
chicken & capsicum kebabs, little effort to make, look pretty, taste great - add mushroom or other veg (zuchinni ?) as you like

lissy73, Dec 4, 7:54pm
Thanks heaps :)
All I could think of was grilled pineapple too... Or Camembert on the BBQ, but I didn't want to do that if I couldn't eat it!

mackenzie2, Dec 4, 10:09pm
A whole fish....

rumbledoll, Sep 28, 12:07pm
Classic saugages.
Bit of steak.
sliced eggplant, with mushrooms, corgettes, peppers and onion.. cook on the hotplate with a drizzle of oil... then pile onto a big serving plate... looks good and tastes even better.