dianemay, Mar 29, 12:43pm
Can anyone please recommend an excellent recipe book.
Cakes, pastries and scones etc, no meat or veges. Want to buy for a gift. Thanks in advance.

cookessentials, Mar 29, 6:04pm
Anythinng Australian Women's Weekly - they are triple tested and pretty much no fail. They have quite a number in the range but they have a good one called "cakes" they also have one for breads, muffins, scones as well as a cupcake one amongst others.
There are so many good books available now and no doubt you will be inundated with lots of options. There is also an Alison Gofton one which came out last year which is a goodie. You can also by the AWW "Bake" which is hard cover and quite big - you would be looking at atound $75, however, it covers just aboout everything.

barloo, Mar 29, 7:01pm
Make one up on your puter then print it out or take it to a place to print out on nice card then add it to a folder!

Then you get tried and true recipes:)

alebix, Mar 29, 9:59pm
I made my own like barloo has suggested to you.

I also recomend anything from Alison holst, she has easy baking recipes. Im not a good baker and I find them easy...
Edmonds is another easy one...

dianemay, Mar 30, 2:20am
Thanks guys. Cookessentials the AWW Bake sounds like what I am looking for, will check it out.

timetable, Mar 30, 2:38am
you sooooooooo have to buy a nigella or jamie book - they are soooooooo good... . .

peach2, Mar 30, 2:48am
Robyn Martin Bakes - awesome!

dilligaf_dah, Mar 30, 3:15am
The NZ Baking Book. Check it out in your library firs just baking no meals. an Excelant BookNot sure of the author.

dilligaf_dah, Mar 30, 3:16am
I cou;d also bercalled the complete nZ baking book.

mismuffet, Mar 30, 3:17am
I quite like Bake by Alison Goftyn, nice photos, nice recipes and plenty of room to make notes and make them your own

bunny51, Mar 30, 8:23am
I have the AWW "Bake" that cookessentials mentioned. (I found it in the warehouse on special last year. And it is really good, I use it regularly. I also have the Alison GOfton book which asi gets ots of use.

alebix, Mar 30, 8:33am
Ladies take a plate (i think its called that) is a brilliant baking book.

willow123, Mar 30, 9:05am
"Bake" by Allyson Gofton - awesome!

books4nz, Mar 30, 10:54am
The Quick 'n' Easy Robyn Martin books are good too.

indy95, Mar 30, 5:50pm
"Ladies a Plate" by Alexa Johnston is a lovely book to give as a gift.

dianemay, Dec 29, 4:51pm
Hi Ladies, I was so impressed with all the books recommended to me by you that I wanted to share with you what I ended up buying. I wasn't able to get AWW Bake unless I ordered it and I needed it for my daughter's birthday present in a couple of days. Spent ages looking through all the options and bought Alison Gofton "Bake" and another one by Simon and Alison Holst "Muffins and Slices". Agree Gofton's is beautifully presented and both books had good homebaking that wasn't too flash and complicated. Only thing is now I want to buy them for myself. They say if you would like the gift yourself then you have made the right choice so am really pleased for all your help. I recognised all the titles suggested here and they were definitely all in with a chance.

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