Chocolate Ganache

dcm_landscaping, Dec 14, 2:11am
This is only my second attempt at this icing.
the first one was with dark chocolate, resulting in the best looking banana cake for hubby.
I'm now doing a white chocolate one for chocolate muffins. Now using the melted chocolate icing recipe in the Edmonds Cookbook says I should use 25g of butter, all good and done. But now it has come out yellow and still very runny when cooled.
Have I stuffed this up!
And does anyone have a flameproof recipe for white chocolate ganache (or icing)!
Thank you in advance.

susie--que, Dec 14, 8:11am
I use Whittakers white chocolate and a little cream. No butter. Using decent white chocolate gives you the right colour and tastes AMAZING!

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