Ok Xmas cake made but a question

dlm000, Dec 4, 6:09am
how do I wrap it up! Yes strange question. Do I do baking paper then gladwrap! I don't want it to go dry.

antoniab, Dec 4, 6:12am
My Mum just does it in greaseproof paper then in the tin :)

dlm000, Dec 4, 6:13am
ok cool. Thanks. I've never made one ahead of time before. My nana always does.

antoniab, Dec 4, 6:17am
If it looks like its drying out just feed it some brandy but it shouldnt do :)

ibcreative, Dec 4, 6:22am
I always wrap mine in tin foil.

dlm000, Dec 4, 6:34am
Oh more Brandy nice : 0

chicco2, Dec 4, 6:35am
Wrap well in any kitchen paper.waxed etc. Then in a couple of towels. Never plastic wrap or bags. It will sweat. Foil is ok, but sometimes a reaction happens with the fruit and the metal in the foil. Paper first then foil should prevent this.

cgvl, Dec 4, 7:49am
baking paper, clean newsprint or a brown paper bag if you have, then newspaper. I do about 6 layers all told. Store in a cool dark place until ready to ice and or eat.

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