Xmas cake starting to crack on the top,helpppp

bbydol, Dec 19, 1:17am
hi just pulled my basic little old christmas cake out oven and
it has small cracks on the top. What have i done please.
And also how do you do the glaze thing, with nuts all over the top. please advice needed. thankyou in advance.

fifie, Nov 14, 12:41pm
Sounds like oven to hot if cake has cracked on top. Pour a little brandy over it and wrap it up while warm in a clean old towel leave tin paper linings on this will help keep it moist, sit in dark cool place to cool till you want to decorate it. Heat up good size tablespoon apricot jam 2 tablespoons brandy on low heat in a saucepan whisk till heated through and well blended. Using pastry brush, brush some of this over the top of your cake so things will stick to it put your nuts dried fruit etc on to decorate the top. Using rest of glaze brush gently over nuts fruit for a nice shine, cake will look good and taste great...You may have to double the glaze mix depending on size of your cake hope this helps.