Sparkling Grape Juice

emma-rose, Jan 31, 10:31pm
Does anyone know how to make this? Just a thought with all those lovely grapes beginning to ripen. Thank you

pjcat, Feb 2, 6:00pm
Someone I know juices the grapes and then just adds lemonade,

suziedd, Feb 2, 7:08pm
I make a syrup and then use soda water for the bubbles, but wondering if you could make a fizz, as in the style of elderflower champagne. If you have a surplus of grapes, it might be worth a try. Easy to make. Google for an elderflower champagne recipe and go from there. Good luck.

daleaway, Jul 26, 6:01pm
I heat up the washed grapes in a saucepan, and the juice comes out. Strain and add sugar, and boil it a bit to kill any wild yeasts, then bottle it as a syrup. Use the syrup as a cordial. Depending on the amount of sugar and the strength of the syrup you have made, add either soda water or lemonade to get the sparkle. It's quite flexible.

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