bread maker people: ? for you

phy.cdh, Mar 25, 10:34pm
In the breadmaker recipe book it syas bread improver? what is that? cant find anything called bread improver at the supermarket

mango5, Mar 25, 10:35pm
I have never used it.

lizab, Mar 25, 10:36pm
if you use the orange lidded surebake yeast, I'm pretty sure that has bread improver in it already. The red lidded one doesn't.

phy.cdh, Mar 25, 10:40pm
ive got yeast sachets in an orange box

245sam, Mar 25, 10:48pm
phy. cdh, my Panasonic breadmaker book says this re bread improver

"Vitamin C (Bread Improver):
Vitamin C is a "bread improver"i. e. it helps improve the volume of the loaf.
You do not need to add this when using Surebake yeast as it already includes vitamin C. ":-))

phy.cdh, Mar 25, 11:01pm
thnaks for that! I dont have a manual for my breadmaker just a copies of recipes from a book.

lizab, Mar 25, 11:09pm
I can remember my dad crushing a tablet between two spoons when he made bread in his breadmaker. Can't remember how much he used though.

swallowstitch, Mar 26, 6:09am
I am wondering whether that recipe comes from the Australian version of breadmaker recipes, they have a branded Improver (can't think of it's name but if you buy Supabake Active Yeast Blend from Binn Inn or the yeast specially marked "For Breadmaking" at your supermarket you will get the same result. This is what i have used for years whether I am making white or wholegrain bread and I always get great results.

robman7, Dec 6, 4:02pm
Bread improver can be purchased from Bin Inn, 250gm bottle $ 5. 35. Also buy my yeast from there a lot cheaper than from supermarkets.

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