What is golden syrup used for on holidays?

vailima1, Mar 25, 5:48am
I have atourist rental property and am surprised on the amount of left over golden syrup is left behind by tourists.

Any ideas what people use it for?

cam651, Mar 25, 5:52am

lindylambchops1, Mar 25, 5:53am
on top of porridge... . delicious! A great way to start an autumn/winter day!

245sam, Mar 25, 6:03am
on crumpets, pancakes, pikelets, bread and/or toast, waffles, porridge, as an icecream topping... . . :-))

kirinesha, Mar 25, 6:53am
Um, smearing over one another and ... you know, good clean adult holiday fun!

rog.e, Mar 25, 6:56am
Probably all of the above.

Cheaper than Maple Syrup and tastes better than synthetic maple syrup I think.


elliehen, Mar 25, 7:16am
If they're from the USA, it doesn't exist there, and maybe they think it's an exciting new local product to try... . and then are disappointed? ?

mwood, Mar 25, 7:33am
shower gel ?

barloo, Mar 25, 8:59am
caramel sauce, add to boiling water when cooking corned beef, on toast/crumpets or making hokey pokey.

alebix, Mar 25, 10:00am
My scottish friend goes through tons of the stuff, She has it on toast twice a day.

elliehen, Mar 25, 10:57am
Early last century, country folk used to refer to golden syrup as 'cocky's joy' - I think back then it came in big blue tins three or four times the size of the current little squat tin. Somebody must have been doing something useful with it...

barloo, Mar 25, 7:12pm
That wasn't molt was it?

I remember having a tablespoon of that every day! ! And mes not THAT old !

Anyone else had that as a kid?

buckyboy, Mar 25, 7:19pm
my dad used to put treacle on his porridge instead of golden syrup. he said it was far tastier.

fruitluva2, Mar 25, 7:31pm
Yes barloo those were the days. GS has lots of uses for

coyoteblonde, Mar 25, 11:30pm
Yep, teaspoon of Malt every morning before school- loved that stuff. They still sell it, Maltexo or something at the supermarket in the health aisle, alongside the milk biscuits. Might pick some up, would be nice to have Malt milkshakes-yum!

aussieglenn1, Mar 25, 11:32pm
golden sryup dumplings

mmmmm mmmm mmm mmm

aussieglenn1, Mar 25, 11:33pm
golden sryup pudding...


madzwhippet, Mar 26, 1:16am
A lot of recipes for fruit cakes, chocolate cakes , and fruit loaves have golden syrup in the recipe... . helps make a nice moist cake... . . a Tbs in with vinegar added to cooking corned beef or other pickled meat improves the flavour... ... M.

missmalice, Mar 26, 1:39am
It's awesome with french vanilla ice cream! !

juliewn, Mar 26, 2:52am
I buy malt occasionally - we don't like the one with orange added. . the good ole malt that tastes the same as when we were kids is the one we like. . it's usually sold in the health section, often on the bottom shelf near vitamin supplement tablets.

elliehen, Mar 26, 3:00am
As children, we would write our names on our porridge with a tall trickle of golden syrup from the spoon :)

lindylambchops1, Dec 6, 5:01pm
Golden syrup can also be used to replace eggs in some baking of cakes, biscuits, slices etc.

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