Can you roast corn on the cob??

stejo, Mar 24, 4:53am
May seem like a stupid question but I am doing other roast vegies for dinner and I wondered if I could do corn in the oven aswell? ? ? If so, how do I go about it? ? Many thanks :-)

hezwez, Mar 24, 4:54am
Wouldn't you just wrap in foil? They can be barbecued that way.
edited to add ~ I think!

margyr, Mar 24, 4:55am
probably just watch that it does not over cook, peel it and chuck it in. this year I have cut it off the cob while raw, melted butter and salt and pepper in the pot and then added the corn, just turning it for a couple of minutes, delicious.

stejo, Mar 24, 5:00am
Will give it a go, cheers ladies!

lukey22, Mar 25, 4:49am
take the hairy bits off soak in water for a few seconds then put in oven with other stuff at the end for 15 , 20 min brilliant

lukey22, Mar 25, 4:50am
leave in the husk tho peell off to eat , imeen

biker_69, Dec 4, 5:05pm
Microwave it - 6 minutes a cob - in the husk. You have to leave it to sit for at least 15min though.

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