Sal's NY Pizza - AUCKLAND

kiwi.adventures, Mar 23, 7:59am
Anyone been there? ITS AWESOMEEEE! ! ! ! !

spandow, Mar 23, 8:15am
Yup went there the other day. So good!

kiwi.adventures, Mar 23, 6:19pm
authentic new york style pizza, you cant do any better than them

kate777, Mar 24, 4:51am
No, but now I want to! Where is it?

kiwi.adventures, Mar 24, 8:41am
Commerce St! ! ! Go there NOW! They have THE BEST pizzas in Auckland without a doubt. Find them on Facebook & Twitter too, they do cool tweet deals!

kiwi.adventures, Mar 27, 4:17am
so has anyone gone? whos going tonight! Pick some up now! Just down from the white lady this evening.

crystalmoon, Mar 28, 6:53am
Aaaaahhhhh that looks soooo god, can't wait to get into town too try some :)

solobabe, Dec 14, 3:41pm
Is it open during the day or at night?

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