When do I shell Banana Prawns

countryart, Sep 3, 8:03pm
I have gor some Frozen Aussie wild Banana Prawns
Do you advise cooking and then shelling or can I shell BEFORE I cook them.
How do I de Vein them!
Thank you.

cookessentials, Sep 3, 9:52pm
You can do either.depends on how you want to eat/prepare them. When they are thawed, you need to cut up the back of each prawn ( the curved side) you will see the vein running up the back. You can buy prawn de-veining scissors that are specially curved to snip easily through the shell and up the back of the prawn.

cookessentials, Sep 3, 9:54pm

cookessentials, Sep 3, 9:57pm
This page has various videos on preparing seafood including de-veining green prawns.you just have to scroll down a little.

countryart, Sep 3, 10:15pm
Thank you so much. Roger

cookessentials, Sep 4, 3:30am
You are most welcome.

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