jase320, Mar 22, 8:20am
crackers and cheese, muslei bars, fruit/vege slices ie apple, oranges, carrots, yoghurt, sanwiches, pop corn, baking (biscuits and slices), cheese on toast...

bcnd, Mar 22, 8:37am
Pineapple slices, luncheon sausage cubes, cheese cubes, corn on the cob, mini tomatoes, cherios, hot cross buns, pikelets, mini muffins, fruit & jelly, cucumber slices, rice crackers, pretzils,

coge, Mar 22, 10:00am
Berries are nice too. If ya wanna spoil them, a little bag of tiny teddies.

poppy62, Mar 22, 8:42pm
An apple pie is a nice filling option too!

red2, Mar 22, 9:06pm
mini sized sandwiches( can cut into star shapes etc ) , little bunches of grapes, raisins , bobby bananas , vegemite and cheese baked soliders , hard boiled egg

maandpa2b, Mar 23, 12:31am
baked beans, crackers and cheese, yoghurt, pita pockets with fav filling

maandpa2b, Mar 23, 12:32am
and remember, if it's for preschool... NO Nuts of any kind, including Nutella... cheers

andrea1978, Mar 23, 5:32am
my 5 year old has just started school and likes hummus and seaweed rice crackers instead of sandwiches sometimes. also peaches or fruit salad in a container or the ones you can buy already in individual pots. i have also given her wraps with ham, hummus, aioli and lettuce/baby spinach. grapes, raisins, dried apricots, muffins, apple, marmite sandwiches. That's all I've given her in her first week of school!

andrea1978, Mar 23, 5:34am
invest in some freezer block things or whatever they're called. My girl has a few insulated lunchbags and if I put two of these blocks in her leftover food and drink bottle is still really cold after school!

martine5, Mar 24, 5:07am
I'd roast the little four year old with an apple in their mouth. Season with plenty of salt and pepper and olive oil. Once cooked, chill and then chop the infant intobitesized pieces so that they can easily fit into the lunchbox. Enjoy

Remember- the only thing better than oven roasted infant is spit roasted baby, you can have that recipe too if you would like it.

nzhel, Mar 24, 5:24am
Not really an offering - but the query made me remember my daughter at about 5 yrs old going thru a 'patch' as they do and only wanting a 'honey bun' for lunch, nothing else just a 'honey bun'. All that was was a bread roll spread with a little butter and honey! I used to worry what the teacher must have thought! Luckily the phase didn't last too long and apart from that she was always a really good eater!

daylite1, Mar 25, 5:45am
As a teacher of small children, can I say that yoghurt in lunchboxes is a pain in the #%*. The littlies are very easily distracted and over it all goes! Horrid to clean up off carpets!

uli, Dec 3, 6:03pm
Chicken leg, cheese cubes, fruit (apple makes least mess I guess).

Meat balls, cherry tomatoes (less mess), fruit.

Boiled egg, beer stick, fruit.

Basically anything high in protein and fat and low in carbs (sugar, starch) will keep the kid happy and full and not jumpy.

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