Sharp microwave/convection oven

korbo, Aug 11, 3:44am
just seen one and wondering if anyone who has them like them.
trying to declutter the kitchen bench, by getting rid of the m/wave and small bench oven to give more space.
from what i saw, they can be both in one item.

jills3, Aug 11, 5:17am
Korbo,Microwave/convection ovens are just the best,we have had them for over 20 years,we do not have an oven.Also easy to clean the inside.I also find my cakes turn out great and I guess its because they are on a turntable.Yes highly recommend.

prawn_whiskas, Aug 11, 5:40am
We use a convection Microwave grill combo.LOVE it. haven't used the house oven for the last 3 years. I cook everything in it and it does a better job than the large oven.

squeakygirl, Aug 11, 6:59am
I had a Sharp a few years ago and loved it. Unfortunately we built it into the wall thinking that we would never move, so had to leave it when we sold up. I would love another one sometime!

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