Tip Top Ice Cream Cake

r123l, Mar 21, 9:40am
Can anyone help wanting to make an ice cream cake for my sons birthday. On the brought ones the piping round the edges is that just normal cream? It does taste different and are a bit unsure wether to pipe with cream and then freeze how it would go. Would appreciate any advice or tips.

whitehead., Mar 21, 8:08pm
what shape does he wont first . piping can be whipped cream or ice cream soften and put through a piping bag you can colour it with food colour . it helps if you have a deep freeze that you can working . a chest freezer works well many the time i spent the after noon bum up head down making an ice cream cake for my kids in the deep freeze . you must keep it cold in this weather

r123l, Mar 21, 9:27pm
Usually I like the old square tins so will prob do a square. thanks for that. Any other ideas on decorating. thought would make some chocolate block kind of things they have on the sides of the ones at wendys, cause they would be easy and no problems if the sides are not perfect. I have read in a lot of recipes putting the gladwrap over the top have you done this is it necessary if you get a smooth top?

r123l, Mar 21, 9:29pm
How far out would you decorate it. I need it for sunday but friday and saturday out all day till late at night. What do you reckon? ?

valentino, Nov 21, 5:43am
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