wanted best spiciey tomato sauce recipie

lukey22, Mar 20, 11:43pm
im afta a good hot sauce can anyone please help me cheers , ive got tomatos too cook up or they will go off ta

korbo, Mar 20, 11:57pm
i just made my normal one, and put a few red chillies in, and some extra whole alspice. also had a jar of chilli kinda paste, and put in 1 tbles of that. a nice hot, but not too hot taste.

lukey22, Mar 20, 11:59pm
what is your recipie mate

hezwez, Mar 21, 12:23am
lukey I'm not certain what korbo's recipe is, but if you do an anytime search in the box on the left of this page, and put tomato sauce in the search bar (for recipes) there are heaps here.

sooseque, Nov 18, 6:19pm
12lbs Tomatoes
3 lb sugar
2 TBLSP plain salt
1 1/2 pints vinegar
2 oz pickling spice (2 pkts)
Boil all 2 1/2 hours, moulie and reboil 1/2 hour, then bottle
This comes out fairly spicy with me picking out most of the chilli's from the pickling spice, so you could leave them in and don't put them in a bag, just mouli it all up together.

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