Butter chicken

julienz, Jul 21, 2:35am
hi there has anyone got a recipe for easy butter chicken cheers

245sam, Jul 21, 2:41am
julienz, I can't help you with a personal favourite recipe for Butter Chicken so I suggest that you try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using Butter Chicken as the Keywords and Last year as the Date posted option - you'll find a good number of earlier threads with Butter Chicken recipes.

Hope that helps you find a recipe that may well become a personal favourite of yours.:-))

julienz, Jul 21, 2:45am
thank you 245sam.this is the first time i have been on here.I used the search and have found many butter chickenn recipes.Thanks again

245sam, Jul 21, 2:56am
You're welcome julienz and welcome to the Recipes MB which is a great source of helpful foodie advice, suggestions and ideas as well as, of course, recipes.
If you're not sure of anything foodie do please ask and if you have time or the need have a browse through all the earlier pages of threads - they too are a great source of both recipes and ideas.:-))

burney2, Jul 21, 7:20am
How was your butter chicken?

julienz, Jul 21, 7:55am
it was pretty good.just looking for something for pudding now ha ha

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