Self saucing sticky date pudding

workingman1, Jul 11, 5:57am
Has anyone got a recipe for a slow cooker self saucing sticky date pudding please.
Or one that could be adapted,How long would it take to cook please.

rozigurl, Jul 11, 6:00am
Yummm I only know how to make the original. Chocolate self saucing pudding. I like to go over board with the cocoa. Like it extra chocolatly.

workingman1, Jul 11, 6:11am
I do the chocolate one too, & have put chocolate chips in it “double choco”, thought it would be nice to do a date one for a pot luck I'm having.It would be easer doing it in the slow cooker.

fifie, Jul 11, 7:24am
I just use a self saucing butterscotch pudding recipe and throw in some chopped dates, zapped in a little water 2 mins drained, cooled, and added to the mixture.Comes out with a yummy sticky sauce underneath. Butterscotch Pudding recipe thanks to Fisher.
Crockpot Butterscotch PuddingServe with cream/ice cream
1 cup self raising flour3/4 cup sugar1/2 tsp salt50 gm melted butter1/2 cup milk
Butter sides and base of crockpotPreheat crock pot on high 20 mins. Sift flour, sugar and salt. Combine melted butter and milk.
Add to dry ingredients. Stir until mixture is well blended, pour into crockpot.
Cover with Sauce:~2 tbsp golden syrup2 tbsp butter3/4 cup hot water.
Pour over the puddingCover with lid and cook on high approx 3 hours

workingman1, Jul 11, 7:52am
Thank you fifie, I didnt think of using a butterscotch recipe. It sounds like it will be yummy. Thanks,

workingman1, Jul 11, 8:03am
Fifie are you still there please or others in the know. If I doubled the mixture how long would I cook it for please.

fifie, Jul 11, 8:20am
Workingman1 ingredients dosen't sound much, when i make it i use a smaller ovenproof dish sitting on a preserving jar ring inside the C/pot inner and it rises way up. We can only eat just on half of it as there is only 2 of us. Daughter makes it for 2 adults, 2 teens, and its enough for all them. Probably could doublethe recipe but i'd cook it longer, you wouldhave to watch it as you don't want to dry up that sticky sauce on the bottom. Its cooked when pudding starts to come away from the sides of dish or press the top like a cake and if it springs back up its done. If your home double it throw it on about lunch time and keep a eye on it...

workingman1, Jul 11, 8:24am
thank you its for 12 people & counting lol

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