Does anyone make their own butter?

wizardoo, Jul 10, 10:59am
Would like to try to.wondered if it worked out cheaper, better

marywea, Jul 10, 2:58pm
Better but not cheaper-have a go.

allurs, Jul 10, 6:47pm
Wizardoo you can read my mind, was talking to a random person the other day and they said they do, so i'm bumping this in case someone knows, cause I'd love to do it!

lythande1, Jul 10, 8:22pm
Certainly not cheaper unless you get your cream for free. About 1 litre to get 500grams.

harrislucinda, Jul 10, 9:21pm
yeswhencowsmikingsocan seperate

marywea, Jul 10, 10:30pm
500mls gave me one of those half size margarine containers-375 grm. Also got the buttermilk. It was popular and nearly all done with hand held electric beater. I thought it would be fun to do with Grandies but in the end they did other things and I showed them the stages. Beat till you can beat no more, use wooden or heavy plastic spoon, put the lump together and work out buttermilk, getting all you can. Pour off and save buttermilk for cooking. Wash butter with cold water a few times till water remains clear. Spread out butter, make sort of holes and sprinkle with salt(optional). I think for that ammount I used less than a level teasp. of salt -can't remember but a little then taste. Work salt through and hey presto you have butter.


marywea (60 )9:29 am, Wed 22 Jun #9

indy95, Jul 10, 11:05pm
It certainly doesn't work out cheaper, wizardoo, unless you have your own ongoing supply of cream, but at least you have the advantage of knowing exactly what has or hasn't been added to it, i.e. salt or water.

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