Thin and crispy pizza base recipe

kvb, Mar 18, 1:11am
Thin and crispy pizza base recipe that I can make several of and then freeze - used to buy the thin bases at the supermarket but they have gone up in price so would like to make my own - please. .

winnie231, Mar 18, 1:18am
Here's a link to the trademecooks pizza shop - lots of recipes: php? f=26&t=569

rainrain1, Mar 18, 2:22am
This is base I love and is quick and easy for busy Mommas and Poppas

Pastry using whizz
1 cup flour
1/2 teasp salt
60 grams butter
Put in whizz and use pulse switch until like breadcrumbs, than add 3 Tblsp cold water. Whizz till it forms a ball
Good for pies and pizza

karenz, Mar 18, 2:25am
I think you can use a couple of sheets of pita bread as a base as well.

dbab, Mar 18, 3:30am
I use tortilla wraps. I keep a packet a packet in the freezer and use when needed. PS They also make great wraps which you can eat as is or toast in the sandwich press, so very versatile.

Edit to add, the sundried tomato ones are really tasty.

buzzy14, Nov 10, 5:53pm
Great recipe thanks for if these other things aren't available

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