Weight Watchers points in baking.

janz4, Mar 17, 10:46pm
Does anyone know how I can work this out. I know there is a scales you can buy but that is nearly $100.
I hate store bought cakes and biscuits and always make my own but haven't dared eat any since going on this points system.
Probably not a bad thing! !

tracey99, Nov 13, 5:58pm
Hi janz4, I've been on the points system for about 10 years and definately prefer my own baking for points spending :)I work out ww points in my baking by individual ingredients, either using my points guide to work it all out or if the ingredient isn't in there using my points calculater to work it out by the kj/saturated fat calculation. I then divide it by how many portions I get. Hope this helps and good luck.