Weight Watchers....

nzhel, Mar 3, 3:39am
Has anyone got any tasty weight watchers recipes for dinners that they know the points value for please? I'm running out of ideas!

bedazzledjewels, Mar 3, 3:42am
Looks like you'll be able to pop into Macas and get a points meal.

nzhel, Mar 3, 3:48am
Yes thanks for that - I read that the other week from another poster but haven't seen or heard anything 'officially' yet. It will be good to do that on the odd occasion!

dalbyj, Mar 3, 3:53am
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clemo, Mar 3, 3:54am

bedazzledjewels, Mar 3, 3:56am
I wonder who will make the most money out of it?

bellus_sybarite, Mar 3, 5:18am
Wow ! weightwatchers and mc donalds. Wow ! give way to people turning left. Whats this world coming to.

maynard9, Mar 3, 7:03am
While I don't prescribe to either I would imagine it would be pretty strict and subject to 'spot auditing' to ensure they are adhering to the points advertised or they will lose the contract. It could be handy to anybody really needing to be able to purchase something with the knowledge of how many points were in it - far more accurate than trying to estimate other produced food when you have no way of knowing the hidden stuff.

we_egg, Mar 3, 8:18am
not long ago I went into mcd's and got there nutritional guide. Have just worked out what a FiletFish is and also nuggets and they are a couple of points less that what is advertised. Am wondering how they have changed it. eg: FiletFish is 5. 5points. They are advertising them as 6. 5points and thats with a Diet Coke and Salad. Wonder where that extra 1 point comes from. ? ?

nzhel, Mar 3, 8:21am
Anybody got any WW dinner recipes tho with points included please - Maccas will be ok for the very occasional night!

nichola_h, Mar 3, 8:53am
My favourite one at the moment which I have counted as 7pts and does two servings is 125grams pasta - put that on to boil then do half and onion in a frying pan with a little water so it doesnt burn, then add whatever vegetables you want, then a can of light evaporated milk. Sort of simmer, but be careful because it burns on the bottom otherwise. Then I get a packet of salmon that comes in the 50g packs, chop that up and add it or it is cheaper from the deli at the supermarket but you have to cut out the bones. I sift on two teaspoons of cornflour and keep stiring as it thickens, add lots of salt and pepper and then add the pasta. It makes two meals (6 for the pasta, 6 for the evaporated milk, 1. 5 for the salmon and . 5 for the cornflour makes 7 for each serve). Takes hardly any time (made this up myself based on one I saw).

nichola_h, Mar 3, 8:55am
The dressing for the salad gets counted too - the italian is . 5 but the other is 1 or 1. 5 so they round it up so you won't be more than that.

we_egg, Mar 4, 9:43am
did think about the dressing... . but I counted the wrap as less and also the nuggets are 1. 5 less than advertised. xxhummm

nichola_h, Mar 5, 6:00am
No, the nuggets are still 4. 5. They are not being advertised now as 6. 5, it is the whole meal (including dressing and sauce) that is counted that pushes it up to 6. 5.

martine5, Oct 2, 5:45pm
I took part in an onlinesurvey and part of it showed WW with Maccas doing the meal deal with a fillet of fish. Yayhee I thought, and started eating maccas again (just occasionally) but when looked at the nutritional info (from memory) they have 14 grams of fat. WW have surely picked a very strange bed partner here, that is way (forgive the pun) too much fat for a single serve of something which is also lacking in wholegrains and vegetables. I think it is a poor decison which would have had to have been dollar-driven.

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