edmonds recipe book?

hitoyou, Mar 16, 5:46pm
Hi, I have an older Edmonds recipe book and alot of the cake recipies ask for "Cake Baking Powder" while others ask for "Baking Powder" could some clever person please tell me the difference ? I emailed Edmonds but they haven't emailed back yet!
Thanks in advance

korbo, Mar 16, 5:58pm
not sure myself , but sure there are peeps out there can help.
perhaps get one of the later recipe books. there should be plenty on here to purchase. i have 3, as each one has different recipes.
good luck... .

hitoyou, Mar 16, 6:09pm
I probably should but I picked one up to look at in whitcoulls and they seem to say use this pre-mix or that pre-mix and i love my old fashioned baking, not keeen on pre-mix cakes etc!
Thanks anyway Korbo and if i find out i will post the answer for you too.

rdeans, Mar 16, 7:48pm
You used to be able to buy "cake baking powder". It was made by "Acto" I think . Unfortunately I do not know the difference but maybe you could use baking soda mixed with cream of tarter. Simply mix two parts cream of tartar with one part baking soda.

http://chemistry. about.com/cs/foodchemistry/f/blbaking.htm

rog.e, Mar 16, 7:50pm
The difference is that Cake Baking Powdwe was made with yellow colouring in it for no egg recipes, as I remember it.

hitoyou, Mar 16, 8:12pm
thanks Rdeans i might give that a try , thanks .

Oh really Rog. ewell i will give that a try also and see what the difference is between them, thanks for your reply and explanation!

if they fail as cakes should be ok with custard on them as pudding lol
haven't heard back from Edmonds yet will post their answer when i do!

cgvl, Mar 16, 8:32pm
From memory cake baking powder had an egg substitute in it, hence the yellow colouring. I think the last time I saw it, it was back in the early 70's.
I have not made from memory a recipe from that section of the book.
What you can do is use ordinary baking powder, not sure if adding an egg would be beneficial or not. I don't have my Edmonds handy.

hitoyou, Mar 16, 8:51pm
Thanks cgvl , That makes sense eggs may of been scarce (sp)/expensive , what i might try then is adding an egg and cutting alittle liquid back if necessary ! Its funny because it has these tips in it about substituting this for that but not forcake baking powder(just my luck, lol)
Thanks so mucheveryone your all fabulous! I am going to have a go now and see how I get on wish me luck

hitoyou, Mar 20, 11:03am
I got my email from Edmonds and yes it was as Cgvl said "egg substitute" they also told me Not to make those recipies unless i had the Cake Baking Powder and in the next breath said "We no longer make it " lol

But on the advice of the wise people here I tried it with normal Baking Powder and added an egg and well the baking has not lasted so it worked too well . . hehehe
anyway just wanted to update you kind wise people !

Thanks again :)

unknowndisorder, Mar 15, 7:10am
Was just looking in my copy of the edmonds cook book and vaguely recalled this thread.
It has a couple of paragraphs near the index on baking powders.
"Notes on Acto, Sure to Rise and Cake Baking Powders"
All these baking pwders are made to the same strength and therefore should give the same total rising in baking. However, differences in the acid ingredients used, make ACTO work faster than Sure to Rise and therefore ACTO is popular for use in batters & cup cakes whereas Sure to Rise is more suited to cakes & general baking.
Cake Baking Powder contained (note the past tense here) the same ingredients as ACTO plus yellow colour to simulate the presence of eggs, therefore substitute with the same quantity of ACTO Baking Powder plus 2-3 drops of yellow food colouring. "