Recipe 4 chocolate coconut self saucing pudding?

zevion, May 9, 4:38am
We used to have a beauty but lost it.. Anyone got a good one?

zevion, May 9, 4:42am
It was like a chocolate coconut cake mix but when cooked (in a big roasting dish) it had this wonderful chocolate sauce underneath.. YUM!

harrislucinda, May 9, 5:08am
notsureifthiswillhelparrivedinmy garden emailitisforaslowcookerbutcantseewhynotcookedinaoven3cupsselfraising flour1/4cup cocoa100grmbutter1cupsugar
2cups milk2eggs
1tspvanillaessrubbutterintodryingredthenmixeggandmilkmake afirmbatterSauceis3/12cupsboiling water1cup sugar1/4cupcocoaPlacethisinthebottomofdishgentlypourthebatteroverasthisiscooked2hrsintheslowcookeryouwillhavetowatchin theovenforthetimeNowiknowthisdid,nthavecoconutinbutyou couldadsome

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