Help! pofferties dutch mini pancakes advice please

jesusisalive, Jan 30, 8:36pm
Can you get the pans in NZ? Do they make electric ones? any hints/comments appreciated. We are wondering about making them for catering after seeing them at a function. Does anyone know the profit margin etc/ thanks

ferita, Jan 30, 9:26pm
Thanks for the idea, I will do this now

just kidding but you should never put your business ideas online like this if you dont want someone to steal them

lilyfield, Jan 31, 5:04am
If you are thinking of a commercial venture- make some inquiries on the Dutch websites. I am sure no none has ever imported a large electricpan. maybe household ones. 245sam would know this.

As far as I know- resell value is worked out roughly at 400% of costs

My comment is not to be taken as gospel-lol

lilyfield, Jan 31, 5:11am

did some googling out of interest.

doug57, Jan 31, 5:22am
there are closed suctuions on here for Poffertjes Home Kit . . check out expired listings.
I've seen them for sale on stalls at school craft fairs [on the North Shore. . always popular! ]

dilligaf_dah, Jan 31, 10:08am
Try your Dutch Deli shops You have agood one in Henderson AUckland but probally have more than that oneI know the dutch ship in Hamilton has them as well as the deli on Cambridge saw then the other day. They sell well at functions very popularwe always buy some when they are there for sale.

omaria, Jan 31, 10:10am
The Dutch shop sells them. If you cant get them where you are, I will be able to get it for you. We made them recently for our dutch family weekend and they were a hit.

wimwam1, Jul 22, 9:57pm
Are these the same as danish Ebelskiver then?

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