What is Denera sugar

wayne472, Mar 13, 6:46am
I have googled it and searched but I cant find out what denera sugar is. it is required for making A chutney! anyone know what it is or what should we use?

alebix, Mar 13, 6:54am
Demerera sugar?

You can easily find it in the sugar section at your supermarket. It comes in small packets like brown sugar.

winnie231, Mar 13, 6:56am
It's demera (or demerera) sugar not denera.

To quote wiki ...

Demerara, also spelt demerera, is a variety of unrefined, granulated cane sugar used in baking and to sweeten beverages such as coffee and tea. It takes its name from the Demerara colony in Guyana, the original source of this type of sugar, most of which is produced in Mauritius today.

Demerara crystals are relatively coarse, and have a light brown or golden colour. It is produced by pressing shredded sugar cane to extract juice, which is boiled to remove water, leaving behind crystals of sucrose that contain molasses. The sugar is then spun in a centrifuge to further dessicate it and remove plant material.

theanimal1, Oct 28, 11:13am
raw sugar can be used xxx

or coffee sugar

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