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standard, Mar 13, 4:09am
Is there anyone in Hamilton (near Sandwich Rd) who would be willing to make a plain ish birthday cake for my 86 year old adopted Mother and deliver it to Sandwich Road? Don't need it til April 1st (That's NOT a joke! ) Have tried cake shops but they want $60 - $90.
Bit hard to send one from the South Island. If you want to make a listing on Trademe I'd do a buy now.
Thanks for any help.

alebix, Mar 13, 8:43am
I have a friend who lives in Hamilton, who makes cakes...
I will pass on this link to her. . (its her b/day today so shes a bit busy as present)

bcnd, Mar 13, 9:10am
I will make her one if you like. I won't do a listing. Just contact me via my houdini stop auction. It wouldn't be anything fancy though. Just a nice chocolate or bannana cake, with icing, a candle or two and some of that frilly cake edging stuff. I'll do it out of the goodness of my heart, lol. Plus the kids are always looking for an excuse to help me cook. I do make quite nice moist cakes, I just aren't any good at fancy decorating.

paghan, Oct 27, 11:06pm
I would also be willing to make one for you, I live on Sandwich Road also. I have some auctions going at the moment. also have a look at my facebook page, there are some pictures of some cakes I have made. http://www.facebook.com/profile. php? v=feed&story_fbid=10
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