mini savoury's ... is it better to bake the pastry

darlingmole, Mar 11, 3:00am
first and then put the mince mixture? Or is it fine to place the raw pastry, then the mince, then mash potato on top and the base won't be soggy? Any thoughts on this most appreciated (as I have to take a plate tomorrow and don't want a failure on my hands)

... edited because of typo error sorry

lulu239, Mar 11, 3:14am
Cook your pastry first. I assume the mince is precooked.

darlingmole, Mar 11, 3:22am
yes the mince is already cooked lulu ... thanks for the heads up

lulu239, Oct 22, 12:47pm
Sorry darlingmole, that sounded a bit abrupt! . I was on my way out and answered in a hurry. If you use savouries other times they can be frozen, cooked, easily without the fillings. Put them in a box or tin in the freezer and be gentle when looking for things deep down otherwise they break.

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