Eclairs..cream puffs..savoury cases..profiterole\'s

winnie15, Sep 12, 11:56am
15 or 16 eggs? heck thats a lot isn't it??

pickles7, Sep 12, 12:18pm
Not for the size of the recipe. Depending on the size of the eggs, you may save 1 or 2. We knew when to stop adding the eggs. The mix should be a little on the stiff side.

gardie, Sep 12, 6:08pm
Edmonds cookbook recipe works well and is for a reasonable amount - 4 eggs.Just remember to cook the mixture for a minute after the flour is added and incorporated and you'll never fail.If you remove it from the heat as soon as the mix leaves the side of the pan, it may not be cooked quite enough.

lavender32, Sep 12, 11:48pm
Gosh, how many hundreds of eclairs do you get out of that mixture. Mine only has 5 eggs & I get 24.

pickles7, May 28, 12:18am
Mixture for Eclairs... cream puffs... savoury cases... profiterole's
Boil 620 mils of water, 350 grams of butter, add 450 grams of flour, stirring with a wooden spoon cook until mixture leaves the side of the for 5 minutes...beat in15-16 eggs 1 at a time beating well, after each egg has been added..should be a stiff mix...
eclairs... pipe 6-8cm long ....bake 20-30 minutes in a hot oven.. do not open the oven door while this mix is cooking. One or two flicks of water onto the trays before baking.
cream puffs... pipe Tblsp size lots....same as eclair's
savoury cases... same as cream puffs....same as eclairs
profiterole's... teaspoon lots....10 -15 minutes...