Are these tin readily available in CHCH shops

deejayrobbied, Feb 1, 11:18pm
Bundt Ring Cake Tin.There are none available on TM in CHCH, one in Auckland.I am wanting to make a caterpillar bday cake and was advised to use one of these tins to make the shape of the body.I am not really a baker but want to give it a go.Any ideas where to buy this kind of tin.I tried Farmers, Briscoes and Stevens.Stevens had one but for the price I could get a professional baker to make the cake :)Thanks

vintagekitty, Feb 1, 11:24pm
I think cooksessentials, that posts on here sells them or knows where you can get one

ribzuba, Feb 1, 11:32pm
call tah dah in church corner

seniorbones, Feb 2, 2:57am
I got mine from cookessentials - just remembered I lent mine out and got back all marked because they didnt grease and flour the tin properly so must get a new one, and I have just placed an order with her too. I'll have to remember next order.

cookessentials, Feb 2, 3:57am
They are definately on Trademe

dollmakernz, Feb 4, 10:23am
Have you tried Mitre 10?

shop-a-holic, Feb 4, 10:24am
More cheaply on ebay.

elliehen, Feb 4, 10:14pm
Here's a good one on Trade Me at a good price.I have two similar, bouth in the USA I and use them all the time.


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