Just made mint sauce

olwen, Jan 10, 6:36am
My father's recipe
Equal part mint and sugar.
Chop finely (the sugar helps the fine chopping)
Pour boiling water over, leave to infuse, and add vinegar.

Then taste tested against Pam's mint sauce.
I'd forgotten what mint sauce should taste like.

survivorr, Jan 10, 9:10am
So yours was best then?I remember my mother always used to make mint sauce...had totally forgotten about it and I would say she did the same as you've posted.Must try it.

olwen, Jan 10, 9:22am
It cetainly was better

greerg, Jan 10, 8:51pm
Mint sauce made freshly just before you use it is so much better than the nasty brown bottled stuff but sadly I haven't found a way of keeping home-made sauce green and fresh either.This year I am trying freezing the mint, sugar and water mix and will add vinegar when I thaw.In past years I have used the Colman's sugar and mint mix that you add water and vinegar to, which is the closest to homemade I've been able to find.

fifie, Jan 10, 9:15pm
Have a very old recipe that you make with brown sugar when mint is plentiful, flavour becomes better with sitting, it keeps in the pantry becomes thick and syrupy is quite sweet,mint dosen't stay bright green though and even fussy eaters like it. Yell out if you want recipe..

horizons_, Jan 10, 9:33pm
Try adding balsamic vinegar 50/50 with usual vinegar. makes a nice change.

grandma, Jan 10, 11:51pm
I would like your recipe please fifie - sounds lovely.

fifie, Jan 11, 9:03pm
Mint Sauce.. Old measurements sorry..
1 pint vinegar, 11b brown sugar put in a saucepan simmer 5 minutes then turn heat off. Chop 1 good sized cup packed with mint leaves up finely add to the vinegar mixture stir, let cool then bottle.(Keeps Forever) Use as required. I usually make a double or triple brew, bottle and keep in the pantry. I found also don't be to tempted to add heaps more mint either as with thickening it won't pour out of the bottle lol..

grandma, Jan 12, 5:42am
Thanks fifie - sounds interesting.I think I will give it a try.I'm glad you mentioned about the mint as it sounds as though it wouldn't be enough.Many thanks for coming back (I'm into "old" measurements, so it isn't a worry!)I was also interested to hear you keep it in the pantry as I keep my home made mint sauce in the fridge.

kernal1, Apr 19, 8:44am
Have a friend who wants to make 'chunky' mint sauce! Doesn't want a 'jelly type' wonders of arrowroot whould be an easier slight thickener? Heaps of mint at the moment, shame to let it go to waste but would like something that would keep, bottled/ frozen? Is arrowroot a better thickner than cornflour when you don't want colour effected?
Sorry! I am no cook but my friend doesn't have a PC!

kinna54, Apr 19, 10:01am
Arrowroot is a good thickener, and is certainly clear, so give it a try. Don't know how it would keep, but vinegar is a natural preservative so should keep if well sealed, although I refrigerate all my sauces and jellys once opened. As in chunky I assume you just mean thicker not coarser.

kinna54, Apr 19, 10:04am
Sorry, Kernal, Just noted fifie's recipe. I like the sound of it, would certainly keep better without a thickening agent in it. Suggest you go with that, rather than play around with thickening.

mrsoeofish, Apr 19, 10:40am
Don't forget the salt!

jazzryn, Apr 19, 11:02am
1 cup mint, 2 cups sugar, 2 cups malt vinegar, bring to the boil and dilute with water as needed. Keeps for ages and is yummy. I have kept for 3 years no trouble.

kernal1, Apr 20, 7:38am
Many thanks! Keep advising my friend that she should have a PC with so many delightful, helpful people round!
Copying.long hand for her!! LOL. I don't even like mint sauce.
Happy Easter all.

marsmoontrademe, Dec 4, 8:16am
sounds great

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