Icing not drying on Xmas cake ... help plz

lizab, Dec 21, 10:16pm
I've iced a Christmas cake with rtr icing and it's just not drying in this muggy damp weather! I did it a few days ago now and it's sitting on my dining table with a net cover over it, but it's just so shiny!! Any ideas on somewhere to put it to dry it out please? Also, I've marzipanned our own cake and am now wondering whether it would be better to royal ice it, but then I'm worried that that might not dry out either!! Any advice gratefully received please.

ribzuba, Dec 21, 10:18pm
royal icing will dry hard, rtr icing takes ages esp with humidity. it will tast fine tho

tw1nkle, Dec 21, 10:28pm
I put mine under my heat pump set to fan only. But it still probably won't be dry by Xmas day. No problem though it will still taste fine :)

pickles7, Dec 21, 10:44pm
I would give it a light dusting of cornflower, not icing sugar. You could have put the royal icing on too soon. The icings need to set between layers.
Like ...tw1nkle...it will taste ok on the day.

kiwitrish, Dec 21, 10:55pm
I use a fan on mine.This humidity is a pig for icing.

canderson, Dec 21, 11:31pm
Hi, I have this problem too

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