Blueberry pancakes

oli3, Dec 20, 11:14pm
Poo I left my recipe book at work and am off now for four weeks (yay to that!)Can someone please help me with a recipe for blueberry pancakes as would like to do these for Christmas Breakfast.And - what to serve them with?I was thinking greek yoghurt or cream?TIA

marcs, Dec 21, 6:21am
This is the one I make. you can do any flavour you want with it. I also add a little bit extra (about 2 - 3 tbs) if I find the batther is too thick however this makes nice big fluffy pancakes about 8 of them.


1 Cup Self Raising flour
3 tbs Sugar
¼ tsp baking soda
½ tsp vinegar or lemon juice
¾ cup milk
1 egg
30g butter melted
1 tsp vanilla or any other flavour

Pour lemon Juice into milk and sit aside for 5 mins. Sift all dry ingredients together. Mix all wet ingredients and pour into the dry mix. Cook on medium heat

marley, Jul 31, 5:42am
Anyone know if the above recipe works/is nice? And do I just add 1/2 cup or a whole cup of blueberried to this mix?

suie1, Jul 31, 5:47am
2 Cup Flour, 1/2 C sugar, 1 1/2C Milk 2 egg, 2 t Baking Soda, 2 t Cream of tartar, 50g (4T) melted Butter. Add 1 C chopped Chocolate &/or Blueberries
Sift dry ingredients, add beaten eggs & milk, mix until smooth then add melted butter. These are the best hotcakes ever always go down a treat in our house & never fail.

books4nz, Jul 31, 10:44am
Add as many blueberries as you want, the more the better methinks!.

books4nz, Jul 31, 10:45am
Thanks for sharing that -for when fresh blueberries are ready in the garden.

fee1965, Aug 3, 2:57am
the recipe on the carton of buttermilk is amazing!oh and buttermilk is a MUST for light and thick pancakes!

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