Fluffy white xmas cake icing?

trader125, Dec 11, 8:43pm
last yr i tried some xmas cake & it had a fluffy white buttery icing on top ,remined me of my grandmas one she use to make ,does anyone hav a recipe for it ? thanks

245sam, Dec 11, 8:59pm
trader125, was the icing really white or was it a creamy, well-creamed butter colour?If it was the latter, then my guess is that the icing was the brandy butter icing from the Edmond's book - a very easy to make icing that keeps well.Here's a recipe for Brandy Butter Icing as it appeared on Trademe Cooks.....

"Brandy Butter Icing
Cream 150gms butter with 500gms sifted icing sugar. Add 2 tsp vanilla and 3 tablespoons Brandy. Beat well till smooth. Spread over the cake. This will keep well on your Christmas cake.. Some suggestions: To achieve a smooth finish, dip a flat bladed knife into hot water, quickly wipe with a paper towel and smooth over the surface of the icing. Keep doing this till as smooth as you want - the heat helps achieve a smooth surface. Or.. as soon as you've covered the cake evenly with the icing, make a roughish surface using a fork and a patting movement on the top of the cake to make a chopped sort of look - this looks good too.. specially if you place a wide red ribbon around the sides.. Cheers.. posted by juliewn"

Hope that helps.:-))

trader125, Dec 11, 9:16pm
Thanks, could be ,was this time last yr someone put a cake up in the staffroom at work & i just remember how yummy the icing was ,it wasnt the hard fondant/almond icing ,thanks will make that brandy icing

wildflower, Dec 12, 3:15am
I usually buy almond and white icing but this year I want to make it but can't decide between brandy butter or making my own almond etc, decisions :?

karenmarie20, Dec 12, 5:12am
245sam..how long would the brandy butter icing keep please??cheers

245sam, Dec 12, 7:29am
karenmarie20, I have actually had a piece of Christmas cake that has been stored, well covered and kept in the coolest room in our house, for almost a year and while the icing wasn't as fresh it was still quite edible - the only 'problem' was some discolouration where on the side of the cake I had missed putting the almond icing between the cake and the brandy butter icing.:-))

baalamb, Dec 12, 9:35am
Homemade royal icing (I used the one in the Edmonds book) is nice, very easy to make, and different again from your bought ones. Was years ago taht I made it, but was a spreadable one, rather than having to be rolled.

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