Male_timaru Bacon & Egg Pie

lindylambchops1, Dec 9, 2:23am
Thank you so much for your recipe for Bacon & Egg Pie including the pastry.That was the best I have ever made.It was abso-kiwi-lutely delicious!

clair4, Dec 9, 4:17am
Would you please share the recipe.Thanks

lindylambchops1, Dec 9, 5:25am
sorry I should have also given the link :(Thanks nik12 for supplying it for clair4;)

clair4, Dec 9, 8:07am
Thank you so much.Looking forward to making it over the holidays.

lindylambchops1, Dec 10, 7:48am
Male_timaru hope you see my thank you message soon!

hestia, Dec 10, 12:19pm
Perhaps you could try posting in the "Health" section.

lindylambchops1, Dec 11, 9:06am
Hestia why the health section?Is that where male-timaru hangs out?!

hestia, Dec 11, 12:11pm
Yep, he's probably in health more than he is in recipes.

lindylambchops1, Dec 12, 7:40am
Ok tyvm ;)

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