Egg-free pot-luck picnic ideas, please

nomidoo, Nov 11, 9:59pm
I'd normally have made a bacon and egg pie with my Mum's scrummy recipe, but there'll be someone there with an egg allergy, so that's out.Any ideas gratefully received!

nomidoo, Nov 11, 10:07pm
I'm thinking I might make a rice salad with corn and cashews and asparagus...hopefully everyone will bring forks.Finger food is always kind of better for pot luck picnics but I have drawn a bit of a blank otherwise!

smileeah, Nov 11, 11:48pm
What about a cobb loaf with the filling in it, I've been meaning to make one for ages because they sound so scrummy.
Also you could take a cooked chicken and breadrolls and salad. Easy peasy.

smileeah, Nov 11, 11:50pm
I think if you decide to take rice salad you should also take small paper plates and forks just incase.

mike844, Nov 11, 11:52pm
sausages and bread with onions and sauce

nomidoo, Nov 12, 1:19am
Thanks for the ideas - I've made the rice salad in the end, added lots of blanched asparagus, corn kernels, cashews, little tomato cubes, plus sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and it's yummy esp now I've put the dressing through it. (I got one from a book - 1/4 C white vinegar, 1 T soy sauce, 2 t sesame oil, and 1/2 t I put in a few dollops of a feta, basil and spinach dip I had)
Smileeah - good idea, I'll do that thanks. And I'll get some strawberries and melon for dessert I think - then it really feels like summer!

jbsouthland, Nov 12, 2:00am

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