Moist christmas cake recipe please

kiwilocks, Nov 1, 10:11pm
can anyone give me a nice moist recipe for christmas cake, I dont like crumbly dry ones i like the real nice moist ones. Thanks heaps.

purplegoanna, Nov 1, 10:14pm
yip my recipe is really moist, so much it stays nice and moist right thru till after news years if the cake lasts that long.... in xmas cake thread abit further down page...

dairymaid, Nov 3, 8:55pm
Try this one You may think it is missing some ingredients but this is all that is in it and it is nice and moist
1 Kg mixed fruit soaked over night in 2 Cups of juice. Orange is what I use but my friend uses orange/apple.
next day add 2 cups self-raising flour mix well cook for 2 hours at 150 dg in a 8 inchcake tin. very moist and nice to eat any time of the year.Can put 1 1/2 cups orange juice with 1/2 cup sherry or brandy and any spices you like. or just leave it plain. enjoy

shelley39, Nov 5, 11:25pm
I make the Edmonds ginger ale cake. Its really nice. remember to add about 1/4 cup of sherry or whisky so it keeps.

flier3, Nov 7, 8:49pm
Hi.Here's mine:
12oz butter, 12 oz sugar, 12 oz flour (ord), 5 eggs, 3lb dried fruit, 1tbsp warmed golden syrup, 4 tbsp crushed pineapple, 1tsp each of lemon, almond and vanilla essence, 1tsp each of cinnamon and mixed spice.
Cream butter and sugar, add eggs, pineapple, golden syrup, fruit and essences.Mix well.Add flour and spices.Bake in well lined 20cm tin at 250 deg for about 4 and 1/2 hours.Eat and enjoy.

Each year at Labour weekend we have the 'Christmas cake mix' where the whole family meet to mix the cake, each has a stir and makes a wish.Great fun and an excuse for us to get together.

cookessentials, Nov 7, 10:31pm
I use the wooden cake box one and for someone who is not a great fan of Christmas cake, I really do enjoy it as it is moist and very tasty. it is on the christmas cake thread also.

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