Christmas cake recipe. help needed....

korbo, May 13, 5:50am
Making a cake using a christmas cake recipe, i have 2 recipes, one says water, sugar, fruit etc, and bring to boil. cool then add other ingred. The other says soak fruit overnight in ginger ale.
NOW... Does anyone think it would be ok to boil the first recipe in the gingerale. The rest of the ingredients for both cakes are identical.
just cant make up my mind which to use... .

indy95, May 13, 6:31am
Yes, you could use the ginger ale in the first recipe, korbo. Just check that you use the quantity of liquid stated in the first recipe, not the second one.

korbo, May 13, 7:21am
, ,

lizab, May 13, 7:41am
the boiled fruit is used for an everyday boiled fruit cake - the other soaked fruit is traditionally used for a more special cake, like a Christmas cake, so it's up to you.

korbo, May 13, 10:32am
well i decided to go 50/50... . the recipe said 2 cups water, so i used 1 cup water, 1 cup ginger ale. have boiled it up. letting cool overnight and will bake in the morning. will keep you posted.
yesterdays cake was a disaster. (made the recipe x4 for wedding cakes. . perfect) I am now wondering if it is the butter, as the one i used had water content in it. keeping fingers crossed for this one.

korbo, May 3, 11:08pm
the cake has turned out pefect, nice and high, and just browned on the top. it is for a special birthday, so next week will almond and ice it. it smells devine.