diddlypop, Nov 9, 3:32am
Has anyone made this and how did you find it? I have never made one GF but have a family member who is GF and I would like to make them one.

edlin, Nov 9, 6:31am
I would like to know too. I used my usual recipe last year substituting gf flour (not from Bin Inn) for my usual plain flour and it was awful. Such a waste of ingredients. Would love to make a decent GF Christmas cake and also need a recipe for sweet short pastry so I can make mince pies for my daughter. Help please from those who can cook GF food that is not heavy and horrible

cgvl, Nov 9, 10:11am
I replace a lot of my baking with a mixture of ground almonds and rice flour, Mostly though I just use the ground almonds, I am about to do a Christmas cake but as I am not GF myself I may just use standard flour.

unknowndisorder, Nov 9, 9:26pm
I've bumped a thread for gf Xmas cakes from last year so hope that helps as well

winnie231, Jun 28, 6:57pm
The Bin Inn Christmas cake recipe is here .