Christmas cake recipe with crushed pineapple

arjl, Nov 18, 9:56pm
I know this is a long shot - I've lost the only copy of my favourite Christmas cake recipe and am wondering If there is anyone out there that has it and if I can get a copy of it
It was in an Edmonds Cookbook, around 1985-1990 - it has a tin of crushed pineapple in it and is the best Christmas cake ever!

crazynana, Nov 18, 11:30pm
I have an Alison Holst book and it has her Christmas Cake recipe in it with a drained tin of crushed pineapple. It is;
750 grams sultanas
450 grams raisins
250 grams currants
225 grams butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp each vanilla, almond and lemon essce
1 tsp each cinnamon,gr ginger, mixed spice
1/4 tsp nutmeg
6 eggs
50 grams each chopped ginger,cherries, peel, almonds
1 cup drained crushed pineapple
3 cups flour
1/4 cup brandy

Cream butter and sugar and add eggs one at a time. Mix the dried fruit with the flour the add to mix with the rest of ingredients. Bake in 23cm tin at 150C for 2 hours then at 130C for 1-2 hours longer till cooked. Pour brandy over then leave to cool in the tin. My Mum used to make this cake and she used to feed it with a little brandy every week or so till Christmas but that is not in the recipe. lol. She also used to mix it with her hand rather than a wooden spoon as the mixture should drop off the hand.

clair4, Nov 18, 11:50pm
Have looked through all my Edmonds Books, but could not find one with pineapple. Are you sure it was Edmonds?

hidecote01, Nov 19, 12:23am
A recipe from Kerre McIvor's ZB talkback show. Type into Google Vivienne's Christmas cake recipe. That has pineapple and it's a very popular recipe with listeners.

harrislucinda, Nov 19, 12:37am
just made one from Edmond older cook book but none with pineapple

harrislucinda, Nov 19, 12:40am

hidecote01, Nov 19, 12:48am
Yes that's the one. I don't know how to do what you just did. I'm bunny when it comes to that bobcat.

edlin, Nov 19, 12:51am
I have made this for years and years, but I got the recipe from my mother in law nearly 50 years ago. I have converted it to metric
100gr. butter
1 cup sugar
1 tin undrained crushed pineapple
500gr. dried fruit
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp mixed spice
Put all those ingredients into a big saucepan,bring to the boil and simmer for 3 mins then set aside to cool.
Whisk two size 7 eggs and stir in with a generous tbsp. or two of brandy,2 cups of flour and one teaspoon of baking powder. Mix well with a wooden spoon then pour into a double paper tined 20cm. square tin. Bake at 160 for 90 mins,then turn oven off and leave in for another 20 mins. Cool,then store in an airtight container in a cool place. I have heard of people cutting it in half and freezing one half but have not done it myself. My mother always made the Edmonds Ginger Ale cake but this is so quick and easy so I prefer it

arjl, Nov 19, 1:37am
Thank you all for your replies- crazy nana I think that your recipe is the closest one to the recipe I had, so I'll make that one - thank you
Clair4 yes it was definitely an Edmonds cookbook from the 1980s or early 90s, when I bought a replacement cookbook in 1997 it wasn't in it so I copied the recipe out but in a shift of house this year my handwritten recipe book has gone missing - I think the first time I made it was in 1989 or 1990, I definitely made it in 1992 (long story about how I remember this! )
Again thank you all for your help. Xx

harrislucinda, Nov 19, 2:05am
oh i am a learner on here

solarboy, Nov 19, 2:54am
I've done one with pineapple before but it was a much more recent one so there must be a few variations out there. I'm trying Jan Bilton's easy one this year with pineapple juice and no added butter or sugar.

unknowndisorder, Nov 19, 6:57am
Christmas Cake (2) p24 of Edmonds around that era

225g butter
1c sugar
1t almond essence
1/2t lemon essence
1t cinnamon
1t mixed spice
1/4t nutmeg
6 eggs
450g tin crushed pineapple (drained)
1-1/2kg mixed fruit
400g flour
1/4c sherry or brandy

Line a 23cm square tin with paper.

Cream butter and sugar, then add essences, spices and eggs one at a time.

Mix flour with fruit.

Stir pineapple and fruit into creamed mixture, add brandy and mix well.

Bake 3-1/2 to 4 hours at 125C to 140c.

korbo, Nov 19, 7:05am
unknown. made this exact cake today.
The recipe said to put fruit & pineapple in a frypan and simmer till no liquid, then leave overnight.
the recipe was in New World mailer. Grandies helped stir.
I think it looks very dry, and the mixture did look a bit doughy. Poured 1/2 cup rum on top, so hoping it will be ok.
I was wondering shy it didn't need B.P. or B.soda in it.

nauru, Nov 19, 7:36am
My Edmonds book is a 1987 edition and it has the recipe with crushed pineapple which is the same as in post #12.

unknowndisorder, Nov 19, 7:47am
I guess the eggs would be the raising agent. I do hope yours turns out okay.

It is funny how they change the Edmonds books. I was so excited to buy a newer edition and give one to a friend,only to find the recipe I wanted her to try was not in there (cheesecakes). Thankfully i didn't chuck my old one out.

hidecote01, Nov 19, 5:17pm
My Edmonds books are from the 70's and 80's. Is the most up to date book worth buying?

harrislucinda, Nov 19, 7:39pm
if you like different recipes as not all reprints have the same recipes i think older the better

korbo, Nov 19, 9:06pm
dear oh dear, hve just taken the cake I made yesterday out of the tin, and it looks so dry and think it will be crumbly.
as I said above the mixture looked doughy, and doesnt look like a xmas cake. the top is all blobly, and it didnt rise very high.
goodness knows why as I followed the recipe to a T.
I am sure it has something to do with no liquid or BP in it.
It was from the new world flyer, but the same as unknown. HELP

harrislucinda, Nov 19, 9:18pm
gee looked at mine could be over cooked as a bit hard oh dear might make that pineapple one

nauru, Nov 20, 7:26am
Korbo, try wrapping it in a clean damp (not wet) cloth, checking every couple of days and damping the cloth if needed. My Mum and Granny did this, usually the week before it was needed and their cakes were always moist. I usually do this too and last year I was given a cake by a friend which was rather dry and crumbly (hers was too) so we both did this and it worked a treat.

valentino, Nov 20, 7:21pm
This recipe Is not an Edmonds but was posted by Juliewn is tops, always comes out bang on and is moist, not crumbly at all.
Far superior to any others tried to date.

A Very nice Christmas Cake
Best eaten when refrigerated for at least a day or overnight.

Best to divide the recipe in half noted within ( ) and do a smaller but still a good size cake.

It makes either a very large (roasting tin at least) cake, or three medium cakes - which is what I do.
No sugar or eggs are in this recipe. It freezes beautifully and can be made now and frozen for Christmas if you wish - or eat one now, one for Christmas and one for - well whenever you feel like some yummy moist fruit cake!
I lightly grease three tins - round or square; and line the bottom of each with baking paper. Line the sides with baking paper also, bringing the baking paper 2-3 inches higher than the sides of the tins.
Use a little butter to stick the edges of the paper together.

I then cut wide strips of newspaper - the same width as the height of the baking paper - and about 10-12 sheets thick, and staple those around the outside of each tin, until you have a thick band of newspaper around the outside.
Also use those cardboards from Pizzas, ideal for extra insulation top and bottom of cake directly.
Then about 6 to 10 pages of Newspaper on top of cardboard then an oven tray and same for under the cake.

The day before baking, place 1.75kg (1kg) dried fruit in a large bowl.
I make my own mix – a packet of chopped red cherries, then sultanas, raisins, and currants to make the 1.75kg (1kg). Add two cans (1 can) of crushed pineapple (juice also) and stir well.
Cover and leave to stand – the fruit will absorb the liquid.

When ready to make - heat oven to 120°C. Place the oven rack on the second level from the bottom, and place a biscuit tray on this. In a large microwave bowl, place 500gms (250 Grams) butter chopped roughly,
2 tsp (1tsp)nutmeg, 2 tsp (1 tsp) cinnamon, 2 tsp (1 Tsp) mixed spice, and 2 cups (1 cup) water.
Zap on high till the butter is melted. Stir together. Add 2 tins (1 Tin) sweetened condensed milk, 2 tsp (1 Tsp) baking soda and 1 more cup (1/2 Cup )of cold water. Stir well. Pour this into the fruit mix and stir together.
Sift and add 4 cups (2 Cups) flour, 4 tsp (2 tsp)baking powder & ½ tsp ( ¼ tsp) salt. Stir well. Divide the mix between the tins. Use a spoon to press the mix down well, and leave the mix level across the top. On the biscuit tray in the oven, place a thick whole section of a newspaper – about 10 layers thick. Fold it so it’s level.

Place the three tins on this, and place another section, about the same thickness, on the top. The thick sides of the newspaper around the tins will support the newspaper on top.
It will go light brown during cooking – won’t burn though at this temperature.
Bake for minimum of 3 hours, perhaps up to 6 or 7 hours depending on age of oven and always check with a skewer – continue cooking till the skewer comes out clean.
Remove from the oven, and cover the tins with a tea towel, and leave overnight in the tin to cool.
Remove from tins carefully.
If wanting to freeze, wrap the cake in at least two layers of plastic wrap, then in tin foil.
Place in a container, or a plastic bag, and freeze on a flat surface till needed.
Thaw overnight for delicious moist fruit cake and ready as is or for icing.


uli, Dec 11, 3:20am
bump for korbo

sunflowers28, Nov 22, 4:10pm
I have made Alison Holst Christmas Cake with crushed pineapple for the last 25 years plus. Not just for Christmas. Makes a good Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes.Try make my cakes around Labour Weekend. Once cut keeps well for weeks.

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