Dora birthday cake wanted chch

littkuch, Oct 28, 3:07am
hi theremy five yr grandaughter wants a dora birthday cake for birthday 1st decnow is there any one out there that can make her one
has to be in shape of dora also with dora on top
choloclate or banana cake would be ok
let me know if u can and we can talk priceprice
many thanks

suzanna, Oct 28, 4:02am
You could ph Kidds Cakes in Cranford Street and see what they could do. Fom memory their cakes are pretty reasonably priced. Good luck.

littkuch, Oct 28, 4:30am
yes have thought of themand theres another place too but just cant think of name right now
just thought there might be someone out there who might like to earn a few dollars

calista, Oct 29, 6:19am
If you don't get any takers Rangiora Bakery have a shop in Colombo St, just north of Lichfield St and they do fancy cakes.

kauri5, Oct 29, 6:40am
we got one made from Pac'n'Save was pretty good

littkuch, Oct 29, 7:35am
thanks for your ideas

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