21st cake ideas

suzanne39, Oct 26, 8:40am
ok everyone , share with me ideas and pics for a 21st cake for a girl please.

kiwibubbles, Oct 26, 8:51am
a two tier cake with fondant icing over it, and shapes in a darker colour, and bits at the end of stiff wire coming out of the top of it.

gardie, Oct 26, 9:51am
My daughter is 21 in Dec.She was born in Australia but is now a Kiwi (be descent) so for her cake, I'm doing it half and half.A koala in a gum tree on one half and a kiwi under a ponga tree on the other - that's the plan, anyway.

purplegoanna, Oct 26, 9:56am
If you just want a simple cake for a crowd have a look at my windmill bakery thread further down, id shout it from the rooftops if i could, it was the cheapest nicest best tasting cake ive eva had....p.s no cooking required!

beth81, Oct 26, 11:40am
Have a look at the Wiltons website. Amazing things, with how toos and ideas.

nunesy, Oct 26, 8:48pm
you can make alot of simple cupcakes (even use packet cake mix if you're not a baker) and put on a cake tier... decorated in her favourite colour or theme depending on your confidence with baking and/or decorating.www.bakerella.com has amazing cupcake ideas, which can be modified for the less advanced or confident baker.

tortenz, Oct 26, 9:03pm
The last 21st cake I did was a 2-tier white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache.Then I put on purple drop flowers around the bottom of each tier, and hearts on wires coming out of the top.Tasted great too!

And the 21st cake before that was a boob cake for a girl... but not sure you want to go there!

valentino, Oct 27, 1:22am
Hmmmm, How about a Key shaped item on top (or next to) of a larger item representing "Life".

Or using the idea of cupcakes as each one to have a symbol of life like - Maturity, adulthood, things that one will experience in latter years surrounding a key being the main item. Hmmmm just thoughts but ?

marcs, Oct 27, 5:13am
Red velvet cup cakes with cream cheese icing. Yum

toya1, Oct 27, 10:15am
I had a teddy bears picnic cake :), was plain chocolate, but with mazipan bears - 21 of them each holding a candle :)

suzanne39, Oct 27, 6:00pm
red velvet cup cakes sound yum---anmyone have a recepie for them

cookessentials, Oct 27, 8:40pm
The link is a bit long, but you should be able to click on it and view heaps of 21st cake images.

cookessentials, Oct 27, 8:42pm
My Son had this one with an edible image of one of his baby photos on the top.

tinawal, Oct 28, 7:22am

rosathemad, Oct 28, 8:03am
For my sister's 21st I made stars on wires sticking out of the cake - go to a cake decorating shop and get gold or silver powder to paint them and wire, roll out fondant (i.e. white icing you use on Christmas cake), cut with a star cutter (or a heart, or anything else that's suitable). Let them dry for a couple of days, then stick them in the cake. Mega wow factor! If you're going for simple those and a pile of ribbon on top will make an impressive cake. :-)

suzanne39, Oct 28, 8:20am
do you get the wire from cake shop too.

rosathemad, Oct 28, 9:01am
Yes - most cake decorating shops, or online - www.cakestuff.co.nz or www.kiwicakes.co.nz, just search for wire. :-) It's called florist's wire, it's usually wrapped in white or green paper but you can also get pretty metallic colours - it's amazing how many tools are available for decorating now!

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